General Description

The terms of electronic Support Measures (ESM) describes the division of electronic warfare involving actions taken under direct control of an operational commander to detect, intercept, identify, record, locate, and/or analyze sources of radiated electromagnetic energy for purposes of immediate threat recognation or longer term operational planning.

IRCS ESM system is an advanced ESM system with ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) capabilities, providing passive monitoring of radar emission from surveillance enviroment and the ability to intercept, characterize, identify and geo-locate emitters. All information is recorded for post-mission analysis. The IRCS ESM system allows for an onboard ESM operator with access to the ESM HMI (Human Machine Interface) for both high-level overview and real time analysis.

Signal Processing

The library of the avarage processor will store radar parameters and in many cases, can be reprogrammed by the operator to store unidentified signals for later processing and analysis. The processing involved consists of three stages in series :

  1. Sorting of the radar impulses as they come in
  2. Segregation of the pulse trains
  3. Identification of the emitters

Measurement Ability

  1. Radio Frequency (RF)
  2. Amplitude (power)
  3. Direction of Arrival (DOA) also called Angle of Arrival (AOA)
  4. Time of Arrival (TOA)
  5. Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI)
  6. PRI TypePulse Width (PW)
  7. Scan type and rate
  8. Lobe duration (beam width)


*Equipment supplied may differ for each ship and warship depending on customization requirements

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