General Description

IRCS LPI RADAR is a surface and tactical navigation that has true Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) characteristics. The IRCS LPI RADAR uses the Frequency Modulated Continous Wave (FMCW) principle enabling to "see without beeing seen" due to the low transmitter power. This make interception 

The IRCS LPI RADAR is available as a stand-alone system or as a fully integrated with IRCS ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) and Combat Management System (CMS)

The Maximum instrumented range is 24 nautical miles. Detection range is normally limited by the object and the horizon. Due to the continuous wave transmission, the minimum range is unusually short, as little as few metres.



Frequency Band : X-Band

Output Power : Max 10 Watt

Antenna Gain  : ~30 dB

Vertical Beam Width  : 15 Degree

Antenna Rotation Speed : 20 rpm

Number of Range Cells  : 512

Range Cells : 125, 62, 31, 12, 6 Meter

Display Range Scales : 24, 48, 12, 6, 3 Nautical Miles

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