Platform Protection

Platform Protection System is a hardware and software system that is able to provide information to warn and keep track of the ship based on factors such as distance, speed and MMSI number using the AIS and ARPA RADAR tracking.

Alarm settings as needed

Easy to use alarm set alarm feature allows zones to be created as a circle or polygon. Conditions in which the alarm will sound ( including a list of filters ) are also adjusted to the target entering, leaving or crossing zone alarm.

AIS filtering system

Each zone can have a list of alarm for AIS filter that can be set be set so that the alarm is triggered either by the people in the filter list or those who are not in the filter list. This is to prevent false alarms triggered by authorized ship.

Integration with ENC ( Electronic Navigation Charts )

Various types of digital maps can be integrated into the system to allow the target and the location will be displayed geographically protected.


After be set, the system runs unattended ( autologin ) which allows the crew / personnel to focus on other tasks, knowing that the system will perform supervisory duties for them.