When sailing, navigation equipment is a vital tool in navigation or because it serves as the eyes of the ship, it is used to ensure the security and safety of ships in implementing operations / shipping. Therefore, the navigation equipment that is used in addition to giving confidence to navigate also gives confidence to be able to carry out operations safely and quickly. Some basic navigation equipment that must be installed in KRI include navigational radar, gyro device, speedlog, echosounder and GPS ( Global Positioning System ) and AIS ( Automatic Identification System ).

PT . RCS Infra Indonesia in accordance with the vision and mission to develop a system that is able to virtually integrate all the system and displayed on a monitor so that the crew or the crew is able to supervise the entire system on the navigation device is easy and fast boats.

Accuracy, speed and accuracy of decision-making will be more secure when captain helmsman to get information quickly and accurately than existing devices.