Electronic Navigation Chart

Electronic Navigational Charts ( ENC ) containing digital data corresponding ENC Product Specification which stores all relevant objects that have been mapped for the purpose of safety of navigation, such as coastlines, depth, SBNP, etc. Each coverage containing the data ( format analogadalah paper map ) is called a cell.

Once optimized in an efficient display format is the Electronic Chart Display and Information System ( ECDIS ), will be referred to as the System ENC ENC ( SENC ). With the ECDIS, an information object and its attributes ( eg, position, color, shape ) can be displayed as desired, as well as manipulation dapatmelakukan above map is displayed on the screen.

PT. Infra RCS has worked with several producers ENC and the Department of the Navy Oceanographic hydro to be able to apply some kind of formatting ENC in accordance with IMO and IHO standards in accordance with the type of software used by both users mapun ECS ECDIS ( Electronic Chart System).