Electronic Chart Display and Information System ( ECDIS ) is a specific form of computer -based navigation information system that complies with the regulation of the International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) and can be used as a substitute map navigasikertas in some areas.

Actual ECDIS system displays information of Electronic Navigational Charts ( ENC ) and integrates position information from the Global Positioning System ( GPS ) and other navigational sensors, such as radar, fathometer danAutomatic Identification System ( AIS ). Electronic Chart Display and Information System ( ECDIS ), along with Electronic navigational Charts ( ENC ) provides for the sailors a real -time navigation system that integrates information from various sensors.

INFRA ECDIS ( INFRA Electronic Chart Display and Information System) began to be installed in KRI with tonnage over 750 tons from 2012. INFRA ECDIS compliant made ​​in the nation developed by PT . RCS Infra Indonesia since 2012. INFRA ECDIS already integrating AIS, GPS and gyro devices, and features a video overlay. Additionally INFRA ECDIS display can also be accompanied by ARPA targets weather data produced by BMKG or international meteorological agencies ( NOAA ).

The main features include ECDIS INFRA : making safe shipping route planning ( Planning) , conduct route checking ( Routing ) and route monitoring ( navigation ) as well as SAR and other functions. INFRA future ECDIS can be used also by civilian shipping, fishing, etc. so as to improve the safety and ease of navigation at sea.

INFRA ECDIS have got the certificate of IMO and IHO so as to be integrated with a variety of digital maps ( ENC ) both Official and Non Official that will allow the user to specify the type of map to be used. In the development of ECDIS, PT . RCS Infra Indonesia mulaia develop various types and kinds for use in ECDIS both military, civilian and commercial ships. In terms of dimensions have developed various forms of better desktan ECDIS, desktop and portable.


  • Dispay type : 22", Full HD resolution, High Contrast
  • Control desk : Keyboard and trackball  for rapid positioning of cursor
  • Main memory : 2xSO-DIMM, Max 8GB DDR3 1066/800
  • System chipset : Intel HM55 Chipset
  • Graphic accelerator : Integrated S3 Graphic for Quad Display output
  • Operating Temp/Humidity : 0-500 C
  • System Safety Optional : Uninterupted Power SUppy (UPS)
  • System Integration : ARPARadar (Overlay), Echo Sounder, Speed log, Wind speed and direction sensor position receiver (GPS), AIS, Compass and engine rpm sensor
  • Chart System : IMO Compliant: vector electronic navigation chart (ENC) S-57 and raster data comply with ARCS (adminralty raster chart service)
  • MMI : Easy Man Machine Interface, enhanced by the ergonomically designed custom control panel